ƃuıllɐɟ sı ʎʞs ǝɥʇ
if it's worth doing, it's worth doing slowly...
The books on the bookshelves are touching themselves
like virgins. But I’ve had them.

Brenda Shaughnessy, closing lines to “Why Should Only Cheaters and Liars Get Double Lives?” from Our Andromeda (Copper Canyon Press, 2012)

(Source: apoetreflects)


Pencil Mask1972Rebecca Horn  

Nikolai Tsiskaridze trained by Galina Ulanova. Photo by Mikhail Logvinov.

News Flash:

A skeleton holding its density.

The dress that lets you run a business from your bathtub.

They just want to dream a little,
to look pretty.

The climate that bred a hot-house creature
(and other reasons to sit in the dark).

— Kim Rosenfield, from Excelsior Reflector (via notsoheavyhorse)

“man blowing a bubble” by mitch ansara (1972)

francis ford coppola plots out the intensity of the scene in his notebook.
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