ƃuıllɐɟ sı ʎʞs ǝɥʇ
if it's worth doing, it's worth doing slowly...
There comes that phase in life when, tired of losing, you decide to stop losing, then continue losing.
George Saunders (via nevver)

POINT BREAK, 1991, bank robbers in presidential masks Nixon, Carter, Reagan, Johnson.
Careful, she might be a weapon.
S. House (via nevver)

(via nevver)


My wedding cake (minus the Chagall, personal taste.)

Maria Anwander The Kiss
“The Kiss was given to the MoMA as a donation without asking for permission. I entered the museum as a regular visitor and gave an intense French kiss to the wall. Next to the invisible kiss I then fixed a fake label, which simulated the style of a regular MoMA caption.”

piet mondrian x yves saint laurent
Rather than training your hand and eye while cultivating your mind, you can now pay to learn to talk your way into the field of art. Before you allow yourself to be convinced that you don’t need to know how to make anything anymore to succeed in art, consider what it would be like to work with language and ideas as materials, after learning about centuries of history of physical engagement with materiality and being left with nothing to play with but language as a result of the de-skilling of art education for institutional profit. In the real world, even conceptual artists like their studio space.
Coco Fusco, “The Art School Game” for Modern Painters (December 2013). (via tobia)

(via jesuisperdu)

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